Submission Tool for Observing Proposals
at the Institute of Astronomy and NAO
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

STOP – the Submission Tool for Observing Proposals – allows the upload of the filled in application form for observing time via internet. The application form could bo downloaded from here (in Bulgarian) or here (in English). The instruction how to fill in the application form could be found here.

The filled in application form should be named using the following convention: PI's initial and family name without a space, dash, observing semester, dash, telescope [and focus] PI is applying for. Allowed telescope-focus combinations are: 2mRC, 2mCoude, Schmidt, 60Nao, 60Bel. Example: if Some Body applies for the semester 2020A at the 2-m telescope with the focal reducer FoReRo-2 attached to its RC focus then the application form should be named SBody-2020A-2mRC.pdf

STOP requires the form to be uplouded as a single PDF file with size less than 10 MBytes. In the case of a successful upload STOP prints the following information:

The file has been uploaded successfully into 2mRC/ folder.

File name: SBody-2020A-2mRC.pdf
File size: 452682 bytes
File type: application/pdf

In case of problems contact the TAC head B. Mihov at:
bmihov |at| nao-rozhen |dot| org

Observer Information

The IANAO operates the 2-m Ritchey-Chrétien (RC), the 60-cm Cassegrain, and the 50/70-cm Schmidt telescopes at the Rozhen NAO and the 60-cm Cassegrain telescope at the Belogradchik AO. The foci and observing modes currently (August 2019) available to the observers along with some additional information related to the telescopes’ facilities and the observations itself could be found here.